My Friyays!

Image courtesy of another Friday lover.

Image courtesy of another Friday lover.


You know I never really.. Scratch that. I never sat down and thought to myself, what is my favorite day out of the week. And even I did, I was 101% sure that it was going to be Sunday, being born on Sunday and all.

But today after Asr prayer, while anticipating my weekly soccer games on Saturday morning I had an epiphany. Well not really, but since I'm writing I think I have what's called poetic license, so I'll call it just that: an epiphany. Anyway, I just had this overwhelming feeling about Friday. Weird, I know. Because this wasn't like TGIF, unlike how most people feel about Fridays. I know this because I don't do anything on the weekends that I don't do during the week.

This was different, so I started to wonder what that was about. Here are the two reasons I came up with.


  • Jummah. As a muslim, that makes sense right? Frankly it is the only time this makes sense. It will be a little weird if a non-muslim felt that way about Jummah. But hey! What the hell do I know. Insert **shrug emoji**. My Fridays are yays because of this reason, shout out to my fellow muslim brothers and sisters. Jummah Mubarak.


  • Saturday soccer at Southern University of New Orleans. Being African and male, it's the only sport that makes sense to me so whenever I can indulge, that always makes my day. Why isn't Saturday my favorite day you ask? **Look atew** smarty pants. Great question! It's because I don't actually look forward to the aftermath. We play at 8a. I spend the rest of the day recovering from it. Pretty lame actually.


So there you go. What are your favorite days of the week and what makes these days special?

P.S: My #2 is my Sunday funday.

Last thoughts: Maybe I should just stream the movie Friday on HBO to top it off :D.