I Got Tips To Help With My Forgetfulness... I Forgot Them

So forgetfulness isn't entirely a bad thing - Let me explain. Our brains process so much information per second that it is actually impossible to keep up with everything. Forgetting "less important" things allows brain space to be able to focus on what's important. So I repeat again, forgetting is actually very helpful and much needed for our survival.

Incidentally, It becomes a problem when we are actually forgetting the "more important" things that we wish to remember. In my case, everything including where I put my keys, when I need to send an email, whats due at what time etc. It is so frustrating, y'all have no idea. Well maybe some of you do. 

So I brought it up to my therapist, and like a very good therapist that she is, gave me some suggestions. I did not write them down, and I don't remember them. Yikes. What I basically do now is use my calendar app on my iPhone. You know back in the day it used to contain the reminder app? These days you need two apps to do what one app used to be able to do 🙄.

These days, I tell my friends to operate under the assumption that if it is not in my calendar it is safe to assume I won't be participating. I'm making some really good improvements though to put everything into my calendar. [BTW I hope the calendar app gets revamped on iOS11, current one feels a bit long in the tooth 🤷🏾‍♂️]. I'll update this post in say, 3 months how about that huh? Where's my calendar up, so I don't forget it. Here's a video of me following through 😬.